John T. Solbakk, Magne Ove Varsi: We are the Sámi – an Introduction to the Indigenous People of Norway

we are the samiA new and updated version of the fact sheets We are the Sámi (2006). Several of the original fact sheets are streamlined and edited together, and there are fifteen new themes added. The previous fact-sheets that were produced in folders are now bound into a booklet. Gives information about the Sámi culture, history, industries and society.

The new edition of 2014 is produced in Sámi, Norwegian, English and Spanish, and as in 2006 produced for Resource Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

ISBN: 978-82-8263-151-8. ČálliidLágádus, 2015. 40 s. heftet. 120.- (kan kjøpes gjennom bl.a.

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