Greta Huuva: Luondu lea mu gievkkan


“All food in the Sámi culture is nutritious and acts as a natural medicine for the body and soul.
Greta Huuva passionately embodies this philosophy through her work as a Sámi chef, as a modern day medicine woman, and a Sámi food ambassador.
The foundations of this book, and the accompanying film, are based on Greta’s exceptional knowledge of food and cooking, and the use of plants and herbs within the world of the Sámi that has almost been forgotten.
Greta Huuva’s commitment goes well beyond the preservation of knowledge, and is characterised by a desire to pass on her wisdom to future generations.”

BOOK: English/Swedish languages, cm 26×24, paperback cover, 104 pages

FILM: 30 minutes – Language: Swedish with English subtitles, narrated by Greta Huuva

ISBN: 978-91-979574-4-1, 88 s. : ill. + 1 DVD

Beställas från: Varda, Ájtte,

Trailer of the film:


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